CustomVariables.getCustomVariablesValuesFromNameId does not work in Bulk API mode

The CustomVariables.getCustomVariablesValuesFromNameId API endpoint does not seem to work in API bulk mode.
e.g. the following works fine for me:,today&idSubtable=1

however when using the same request in a API bulk query I get an exception (see attachment).
I assume the id of the subtable is okay because its the id I got from CustomVariables.getCustomVariables.
Other requests work fine in a bulk query, it’s only this one that’s throwing the exception.

thx for your help :slight_smile:

Could you please paste here both commands that you type, eg using "curl"
eg. 1) bulk request with the one request 2) the one request alone

see: Tracking HTTP API: API Reference - Matomo Analytics (formerly Piwik Analytics) - Developer Docs - v3

Hey, sure

heres the curl for the bulk request (doesnt work for me):

curl --globoff "[0]=method%3DCustomVariables.getCustomVariablesValuesFromNameId%26period%3Dday%26idSubtable%3D1%26idSite%3Dall%26date%3D2014-06-01%2Ctoday"

same thing in non bulk mode (works for me):

curl ",today&idSubtable=1"

thx for looking into this

Thanks for the report! I’ve created ticket: Argument 1 passed to Piwik\API\DataTableManipulator\ReportTotalsCalculator::hasDataTableMetric() must be an instance of Piwik\DataTable, instance of Piwik\DataTable\Map given · Issue #5373 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

cool, thx