Customize list of device types

I would like to customize (simplify) the list of device types in our Matomo self-hosted instance.

We have the capacity to do some custom PHP and/or javascript coding, but we are not at all familiar with Matomo yet, so any pointers in the right direction in terms of how to customize things would be appreciated. I’ve done a brief dive into the exiting code that handles devices types and realized that modifying things in terms of the mappings of individual device user agent strings to the type names is not something we should mess with. Instead, I would want to map the default Matomo types to a simpler list - just Desktop, Tablet, Mobile and Other.

  • Desktop => Desktop
  • Tablet => Tablet
  • Smartphone => Mobile
  • Phablet => Mobile
  • Feature phone => Mobile
  • Camera => Other
  • Car browser => Other
  • Console => Other
  • Peripheral => Other
  • Portable media player => Other
  • Others => Other

Has anyone else done something like this? Would anyone else want to help with developing a plugin for this purpose?

100% of our clients, and I think probably 99% of all Matomo users don’t need this level of detail from the default device breakdown… and having that full list on every chart/graph/etc is distracting and cluttered looking.