CustomAlerts: can't create new alert

I just installed CustomAlerts and tried to create my first custom alert. When I click the ‘Create New Alert’ I get the following form displayed:

From my test environment I know that the form actually looks different and the one that is shown to me here cannot be sent at all.
Does anyone have an idea what the error could be?

Hi there,

Can you check you’re not using browser extension like adblocker or others? and try with a different browser? If you still have the issue, be great to create a bug report at: Issues · matomo-org/plugin-CustomAlerts · GitHub

I’m not using any browser extensions.
This is the full error message:

I just realized I can’t create new Custom Dimensions aswell. When I click the Custom Dimensions Button in the Administration menu I can’t see anything.

I found this error message in my error log, but I don’t understand what it means as I don’t have a plugin called MyPlugin:

[Wed Feb 05 10:21:27.793542 2020] [php7:notice] [pid 4085] [client XXXX] Error in Matomo: The ui asset with 'href' = XXXX/piwik/plugins/MyPlugin/javascripts/plugin.js is not readable, referer: XXXX?module=CoreHome&action=index&idSite=1&period=day&date=today


Can you try accessing https://yourmatomo.example/piwik/plugins/MyPlugin/javascripts/plugin.js in your browser or check the network tab of the developer tools for failed requests?

Maybe you have some .htaccess rules (maybe from the parent site in the root directory) that block these HTTP requests.

the file doesn’t exist because i don’t have a MyPlugin

Status-Code: 404 not found

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