Custom widget for pageviews of specific pages?


Here’s what I’d like to do.

I’m getting ready to run a contest on my site which is based on number of pageviews for user-submitted articles.

I would like to create a contest rankings page that shows the pageview counts for the user-submitted articles in real-time, using a Piwik custom widget.

I would need a way to tell Piwik which articles to display in the pageviews widget so that only the user-submitted articles appear there.

Can I do this right now with Piwik, and if so, how?



(jOoL) #2


I guess you could make it using custom variables. See doc here:



Thanks jOoL.

What do you think of this:

  1. Use a custom page variable to signal that the page is part of the contest

  2. Only set that custom page variable on pages that are in the contest

  3. Create a custom report to list pageview counts for all pages that have the custom page variable set (or count the number of times the variable was set for a given page, since it’s once per pageview = same thing)

  4. Give the Anonymous user access to that custom report so I can publish it on my site publicly

Do you think this would work?


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You’re welcome.

This sounds good. You may want to set an additional custom variable with author name.



Good idea too!

Thanks again



do not know you could use this feature, thank you very much