Custom widget displaying Live! Reporting API data

Hey everyone,

Our development team has recently come across a rather unusual customer request; at least as web analytics go.

The customer would like to be able to view new visits on a page of his as well as an Action Event associated with the press of a button in the aforementioned page in near real-time.

So we are essentially looking for something like the Real Time Visitor Count widget, in terms of functionality, but

  • without the constraint of the calculated figure accounting for only the past 30 minutes worth of visits, so the figure should display all visits including the ones that just occurred a few seconds ago and
  • essentially do the exact same thing as described above for that custom Action Event on that page too

As a leave note, we’re already doing both the above but as you are all well aware, it takes a bit of time (depending on web traffic load, hardware specs etc.) for PIWIK to return the calculated analytics data that we are looking for and the client is essentially asking if we could somehow speed that process up to near real-time.

Thank you for your time reading through this and we’ll appreciate any and all feedback!