Custom Variables set but no data displayed

Hello All,

I have set some custom variables in the JavaScript api (piwik.php file), and have uploaded it to the server. But when I view piwik, It says no data to display.

This is the code that I am using below. Is there anything else that I need to do after setting the custom variables in the JavaScript file to make it capture data? Do I have to write something like ‘getCustomVariable’ somewhere? If yes, where please?

_paq.push([‘setCustomVariable’,‘1’,‘Name’,’".$STUDENT->firstname." “.$STUDENT->lastname.”’]);
_paq.push([‘setCustomVariable’, ‘2’,‘StudentNickname’, ‘".$STUDENT->nickname."’]);
_paq.push([‘setCustomVariable’, ‘3’,‘StudentEmail’,’".$STUDENT->email."’]);
_paq.push([‘setCustomVariable’, ‘4’,‘StudentSchool’,’".$STUDENT->institution."’]);
_paq.push([‘setCustomVariable’. ‘5’,‘StudentDepartment’,’".$STUDENT->department."’]);

But under visitors, when I click on the Custom Variables link, it says ‘there is no data for this report’.

Your advice will be appreciated please.