Custom Variables change only apply for the 'day' period

Hi guys, I make some changes into the Controller and Day.php but that changes are only reflecteds on date=2012-09-21&period=day, when i go to date=2012-09-21&period=week the changes are not there, where I should make the changes too?


I meant, wich are the files that piwik proccess the week, month, year and rage?


What exaclty are you looking for?

I made some changes on Day.php file, but it only refresh when the data renges is date = (Today) perdiod = day, and I need this changes availables for all the reports (Week, month, year, data range) This changes I modified adding something likes this, $newRowToAdd[I_DONT_REMEMBER::INDEX_NB_MYCUSTOM] = $data; (Previously I added INDEX_NB_MYCUSTOM = $some value)

You will want to “Force” to process all reports on each page load. See the debug option: How to - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Thanks matts, i see now when i filter by day, but not when i filter by week, month, year, and date range, I Bring the data stored doing this:


and for each name i bring new information from another table and put it into:

$oldRowToUpdate[Piwik_Archive::INDEX_NB_ NEWVALUE] = $r[‘newValue’];

So, i’m showing the new data, but the problem is when I filter by week, month, year, and date range, I think there are in another file, wich file handle this output?

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

did you look in core/ArchiveProcessing/* ?

Hi matt, before at all, i want to thanks you for the help.

Yes, I edited core/ArchivePorcessing/Day.php and added this $oldRowToUpdate[Piwik_Archive::INDEX_NB_ NEWVALUE] = $r[‘newValue’]; into here public function updateInterestStats(), this is giving me the output I want, for days, but you are telling me I need to look into core/ArchivePorcessing/Period.php ??

The changes I made on core/ArchiveProcessing/Day.php are not reflected when I add a date filter, like week - month - year - date range. I don’t see nothing on core/ArchiveProcessing/Period.php, there is where I should do the changes too? Where is the function that handle that kind of output? Thanks

You know where is that file or that function? Thanks

Sorry not sure what you’re trying to do, maybe you need help from professional piwik consultants:

I made some changes on custom variables page (Where do you see the information about visit, actions), that changes are working good when I use the date range only on ‘day’, and i need to refresh that changes on week, month and year, i need to know wich file/s are handling that filter or what function is used for this.

my principal changes are on core/ArchiveProcessin/Day.php and there only I can see the fuction public function updateInterestStats all the changes I made there, are showing on ‘CustomVariables’ filtered by day, but when i filter by week or month the data isn’t dislpaying