Custom Variable usage

Hi, been using piwik for about 2 years now. Great tool. Fairly large installation (about 1.5M views per week).

We just started using custom variable (great addition) to track server usage - basically stamp a ‘host’ name with the server name ‘value’. Gives us some information of load balancing and server performance issues.

However, I guess I expected custom variable to be reset every day at midnight (the same as visits, uniques, etc). But, it seems to be a running total.

My questions are: is this correct? Running total rather than daily (possibly rounded up to weekly, monthly, etc) total. And if so, is there a tool to reset that values to 0? Or, do i code it myself?

Thanks, again, great tool.

llynglas, can you please post your numbers in the post: 301 Moved Permanently - it really helps us, and we will post all performance improvements in this topic.

Custom vars are stored “per visit”. They are processed per day, then summed for weekly/monthly reports, like other data is summed daily in Piwik.