Custom-Variable-Pages segmentation not filtering dashboard

Hello Piwik enthusiasts,

Segmentation of our iframe dashboard does not filter.

Let me explain to you how we set it up.

Our page’s url that is getting tracked looks like this.

and so on.

Our piwik dashboard should filter out statistics for 116,117, 248… and so on.

Our custom-variable-page is ‘pid’. This is how it looks on the javascript of the page

This is how we load our statistic dashboard on an iframe.

Notice we used this

Wherein the number on the value of customvariablepagevalue1 could be

116, 249 ,299 and so on…

When the iframe loads the dashboard. The statistics is for all and it does not filter per primary key.

Also I load a video on youtube to explain the problem. This could be an easy problem for a piwk enthusiasts.

Javier Reyes

Are you using Piwik 1.8.2?

Hello Matt,

Yes it is using 1.8.2.

We did an update to the latest version a few weeks ago.

Javier Reyes

Thanks for the report, fixed in Embed dashboard should forward the &segment parameter · Issue #3301 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

Hello Matt,

Thank you for that.

When will the next version be released?


released in 1.8.3-b3 Index of /

What I would give to have the above issue resolved!!! How about $100? I need this ASAP. Can you advise on the status of this fix? We tried 1.8.3 beta but the issue hasn’t yet been addressed.

When do you think the completed version of 1.8.3 will be released?

It should be fixed in the latest 1.8.3: Index of /

please upload the beta6 or so, nad then it should work, after deleting browser cache?

PS: you are welcome to donate to Piwik :slight_smile: it helps development:

Hello Matt,

Fix confirmed on our end.



I had a smilar issue and now the after upgrading to 1.8.4, no data shows in teh dashbaord.

in our case we have:;customVariablePageValue2==Memberid_1325

The on page js is as follows:

starchild, did it use to work before?reading your other post it looks like you are just starting to test it.

Hi Matt,

No it wasn’t. Well, actually it was showing all data. Now nothing shows in the dashboard.

AM wondering if I should do a fresh install or somethign?

Try create a new dashboard, does it load the data then?

Nope, still doesnt do it.

I have the exact same issue as Starchild - sending a custom variable with the “segment” query parameter to the dashboard makes all widgets empty. I just updated from 1.8.2 to 1.9.1. Before the update, the segment had no effect at all on the dashboard.

I am 100% certain that there is data for the segment, because if I use the exact same segment for a single widget then the data shows up as expected, filtered as it should be. The same widget is empty in the dashboard when the segment is used there.

This seems to be a common issue, I found it posted here as well:
Piwik Dashboard Segmentation Issue

For reference, this is the URL to my dashboard (with hostname and token_auth removed):;customVariablePageValue1==1750&token_auth=123456789123456789&disableLink=1&widget=1

The segment part is: “&segment=customVariablePageName1==og_group_gid;customVariablePageValue1==1750”

I did some additional testing, and I believe that the dashboard doesn’t work when more than one segment is used (passing a custom variable requires two segments). I posted a bug report in the tracker here:

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