Custom Variable complete id list Segmentation


I need to create a complete id list of a specific custom variable, as you can see in the attached image in “field 2”.

I know how to create the list in “Field 1”.{APIKEY}&segment=customVariableName1==UserId

Does someone know how to do this?

Thanks in advance,


I think, if you add “&expanded=1” the API will show you more Information.

When i do:{APIKEY}&segment=customVariableName1==UserId&expanded=1

I get all the custom variables but i just want the UserId.

try to add &label=UserId ?

If I add “&label=UserId” as mentioned above, I get a summary of UserId but I want a complete list of only the custom “UserId” variable.

first call CustomVariables.getCustomVariables

then get the idsubtable for the row you are interested in

then call getCustomVariablesValuesFromNameId passing &idSubtable=XX where XX is the idsubtable for the UserId row