Custom SiteID

I would really like to be able to change the site ID’s away from the auto incremental numbers.

Currently it is 1,2,3,4,5,…etc

However that shows your users / sites / client how many sites you may have. If this was a random code or number it would be much better.

In the perfect world I would like to manually change this SiteID to a custom value ( string ) that meets my standards.

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While this is not an answer to your question, may I ask why it is a problem that someone “known” how many sites you may have? (No one will actually be able to tell the number of sites you are tracking as there might always be a site that has n+1)

The reason I would prefer not to have someone see a specific number is client confidence.

If I give a website an site ID of 3, they always think well that means I have only 2 clients before them.

It may sound like a petty reason but every little helps

My primary desire for a feature like this is so I could give it a unique code that fits with my standards as well. For example, Site ID -> 1 to Site ID -> ABCDEFGHIJK. This would allow me to script my tracking code generation as it is a known value whilst the Numeric site ID number has no reference to my other standards.

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I would also like to have a custom site ID.
Currently it is possible to find out all existing sites (by id) and create spam and other malicious things to that sites.
@halfdan piwik will respond with a 404 in the tracking request when a site doesn’t exist, so you can find out exactly how many pages there are.