Custom reports show different pageviews from standard report pages

Overview of situation:

What i did:

  • created a custom action dimension “Complete URL dimension” that extract value “Page url”
  • in tag manager created a variable of type “Url variable”, called “Complete URL - Variable”, where “Url part” is configured as “Full”
  • in tag manager created a variable of type “Matomo configuration”, where, in Custom Dimensions section, i linked “Complete URL dimension” ID to “Complete URL - Variable”
  • in tag manager created a tag of type “Matomo analytics” linked to “Matomo configuration” variable
  • created a custom report where “dimension” is set to “Complete URL dimension” and filter is “Complete URL dimension contains

Result pageviews for homepage of are:

Date      Report standard      Custom report
6.2.2023       2491                2378
7.2.2023       2169                2075
8.2.2023       2212                2078
9.2.2023       2178                2083
10.2.2023      1879                1849
11.2.2023       680                 669
12.2.2023       663                 639
Total         12272                11771

Why such a big difference?

Hi @SimoneF ,

Could you please get in touch with our Support team at and share the screenshot of your Custom report configuration. Also post this forum link in the email.