Custom reports -"other" column

Good morning,

I would like to know, in customer reports, why I have a “other” column each time and how to unlock it please?

Other is… Other results!
Number of results can be configured (in config/config.ini.php file):

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I changed the values you said to 10000, but I still have the column other…

You must then invalidate the archived data:

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Hello thank you for your answer, it deblock some issues I had (with the date history). But I still have the column “others”.

This is shown only when I pivot the table as shown and it is always the 10th column that is “others”

@innocraft can you help?

Hi @Biranavi ,

Which report you would like to change number of rows?

I would like all of my custom reports to display all rows instead of “Others” when I pivot the table…

Hi @Biranavi ,

Could you please let me know what setting didi you change in config and also did you reprocess the data as mentioned by @heurteph-ei .

I invalidate the archived data and configure nb of results in config/config.ini.php file

@Biranavi Not sure what do you mean nb of results, there is no setting like that in config file.