Custom Reports: option to duplicate or copy reports

I would like to be able to copy custom reports so we don’t have to reconfigure the filter each time. Our filters can get quite long so this can be cumbersome when trying to create all the custom reports we need for a dashboard. I was surprised to see this feature didn’t already exist.


It is not possible to do this in the UI or API. You could potentially do this with sql if you are familiar with the syntax:

INSERT INTO matomo_custom_reports(idsite,name,decription,catergory ..... etc )
SELECT newidsite,name,decription,catergory ..... etc
FROM matomo_custom_reports
WHERE Key = idcustomreport


My company is facing the same issue. We often do have identical custom reports, just with different filters - and unfortunaltey, most of us are not proficient in SQL :slight_smile:

An easy way to duplicate reports would be super helpful and save us a great amount of time. Is there any chance for the “duplicate custom report” feature to be implemented soon?

Thank you & best regards