Custom reports - multiple segments in one evolution chart?


Hello -

The application monitored by our Matomo instance serves as users multiple customer organizations.
In order to feed in Matomo the information about the organization each user belongs to, we currently pass this information as a custom variable (I just learned about “custom dimensions”, maybe it could be a better fit).

We do have defined segments allowing us to retrieve segmented data for one specific organization as a dashboard. Until here, all good.

Now, what we would like to do is to build a chart where we can see e.g. how often a page is visited by different organizations (meaning: segmented by organization) --> one line per segment, all in the same chart.
I have tried to build this as a table with multiple dimensions, but did not seem to work.
As for the “evolution” (the chart) there seem to be no way to get this work.

Any suggestion? Am I missing something?

Thank you,