Custom reports: Goal/events per page?


is there way to display the number of a special goal per page?

I want to see on which page we get most user registrations. The registration is available via an dialog on every page.

So I want to see how many of these goals (or events) are generated on the different pages.

I didn’t find a way to get this data.

Is this possible with “Custom reports” or any other extension?

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Hi @iparker ,

Triggering an event every time a visitor complete the registration and convert a goal. By this way, you could keep track of user registrations. As you have mentioned registration is available in each page, it’s better to name the event accordingly in a way to identify the event of a particular page.

Thanks for your reply - but this is not really an answer for my question ;-).

I trigger an event and I convert this event to a goal. But my event has no information about the page.

Does Matomo really don’t know on which page an event/goal appears? It’s hard to believe that…

With custom reports premium feature, I think you can do this:

Thanks for your reply. I ordered the custom reports plugin and created a some reports. Also I have re-processed the data so older data should be in these reports.

I created a report like this:

Also I created a variant with action url (like on your screen).

Currently I have 2.331 konversions for my goal “Profil registriert” (registered user).

But in the custom report with the page-url I see a total of 4.654 goal-conversion (seems like factor 2?), and in custom report with action-url I see a total of 1.586 goal-conversions.

Both numbers are not correct. Where is the mistake? Why are the number of conversion is not equal to the number of conversion I see in the goal-detail-report?

Next to this it seems that the url when we track the event is not correct. I checked it very detaillied by passing the visitor log: The page-url and also the action-url in the custom report is not correct.

Thanks for some help!

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Hi @iparker ,

Could you please get in touch with our support team at, so that this request can be managed efficiently.

I have exactly the same requirement. Is there a solution for this?

My guess is that within the custom report the number is wrong because it counts the visits that contains the goal AND the page url. The conversion rate seems to be calculated based on the number of visitors who reached the goal at any page in their visit and where the URL was accessed within their visit.

Hi @utrautma ,

Could you please get in touch with support team at

@iparker can you share with us whether and how you managed to solve this?

Hi @mp1
I think you have to reach support team (as this is a custom plugin)
Then don’t forget to share the needed configuration! :wink:

Maybe @utrautma has also a clue?

Hi @mp1 ,
according to my current knowledge, the only workaround is to additionally track an event with a path information (e.g. event name with {{pagePath}}, which can be easily solved with the Matomo Tag Manager) and to work with this event information in the custom report.

Regards Udo

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