Custom Reports filtering Event names for special characters


we’re using the Custom Reports plugin and we have setup a custom javascript to track some events. The tracking works but the custom reports with filtering on eventnames do not work (our matomo is in German, so I do not know the exact english wording).
What I found out is, that as long as the filter is not including any special character (for example a space or the german äöüß) everything works. But if we filter for containing the squence “BE für” it does not give any result.

Please see the following screenshots to demonstrate this behaviour:

First a custom report (still in editing mode) with a filter for eventname contains “BE” - to show existing values.

This gives the following preview

No I change the filter to “BE für” - a value that exist in the preview.

And it gives me no results
Mobil-Krankenkasse-Webanalytik-Berichte-Matomo (3)

No matter what I add for the filter. It does not work. I’ve also tried to filter “für”. No results. If I filter for "BE " (with a space after the BE) it is the same as filtering for BE. It seems like the space is ignored, because filtering for “BE f” does not give any results as well.

I’ve also checked the basic event reports. All values are in there. If I export the basic event report it shows me the special characters (and space) are all url encoded. So I tried to filter for url encoded “BE%20f”. No results.

This should be fixed, because this is really unexpected.


Either maybe @SteveG has an idea, or else you can reach the premium feature support team (shop at innocraft dot com)…

Hi @skle ,

Please get in touch with our support team regarding, as this issue may need further investigation, so please get in touch with our Support team at

Hi @skle ,

Issue is now escalated to our Product team, you will get an update from our support team