Custom Report totals row default true


in customer report it’s possible have totals row show as default


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As Custom Reports are premium feature, I moved the subject to this category, and let @innocraft answer your question…

Hi @Alessio_Cavalieri can you please clarify what you are requesting, did you want Custom Reports to specify the number of rows being displayed for a specific report?

Hi Varun,

thanks for reply

I’d like to see the bond totals row at the bottom of the table. Now you have to click on
"The report is not showing the totals row
Show totals row "


@Alessio_Cavalieri currently this is what will be required to see the totals at the bottom, using the gear icon (at the bottom left of the custom report) and selecting ‘Show total rows’

However you can create a feature request on our issue tracker here:

This is so we have it noted down for the team to look into when possible.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you or seeing your report on Github,

For tracking purposes, here the feature request: