Custom Report table settings

How can I change default view settings of my custom reports so they always be flattened and pivoted? Because our users must every time change this settings on every custom report every day.

As I just found out, this can be done in the report class under configureView vith:
$view->requestConfig->flat = true

Oh, I guess you mean custom reports from the custom reports plugin. I don’t know about that.
Also requestConfig->flat does not do what I expected it would. So just forget it, sorry.

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Andreas Mokros, thanks you anyway! We just upset, we paid 599 euros for that plugin and we MUST do the same several clicks every time we open custom reports.

Well, generally it should be possible to set these options in the plugin code. Haven’t tried this, though…

Hi Viktor,

Currently this is not possible. We have added the feature to our backlog for development. I can’t give you a timeframe at the moment for when this feature will be added.


Thanks for the answer!