Custom report showing unlikely data

We are trying to create a custom report showing what the visitors did on each target page. We use the dimensions: “Target page url” and “Event actions”. For Variables we use “Unique event actions”. But the data is only 1 and that does not seem to be correct, see picture. It should be more than 1 as we have many more visitors.

Is there a bug in Custom reports and events? Or,
Are we doing something wrong here?

Grateful for any help and hints!
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Are you referring to the Custom Reports Premium Plugin?

Yes, we are using the plugin.


I have forwarded this to the premium plugin support.

Hi again!
Great! Let me know if you/they need more information from me and pictures.
Thanks for now!

This is expected. “Unique Event Actions” is the cardinality of the event itself. Each of the events in the subtable can only “happen” a single unique time. This metric is named somewhat unfortunate.

Use “Hits” or “Visits” for the (unique) number of triggered Events for the Users.

Thanks for the explaination and tip. I will try it out and get back to you.

Hi again!
OK we understand better now! Thanks for your help!

Hi @E111,

Hope you have this sorted. If you have any issue/question. Please feel free to contact the support team at

Hi! Yes, thank you! :grinning: :+1: I’ll save the email and have a great day!