Custom Report not showing totals row

I wrote a plugin that creates a custom report that combines data from two generated reports. It doesn’t show a totals row when I click on the menu entry below it (like generated reports do). Is this maybe because it is not archived as the other reports? Would I have to add a custom Archiver for this? Or am I missing something else here (event maybe)?
As a workaround I calculate the totals row manually atm and add it with setTotalsRowt. The totals show then but can’t be hidden by the menu.

$view->config->show_totals_row = false; //undocumented
removes the menu entry and the totals row I added with setTotalsRow.

so were you able to show the totals row and is it working for you?

Well, as I wrote, it is not added automatically like in other reports. I was wondering if this is because the report is not archived but combined from two archived reports.
I can calculate and add the totals row manually but then it doesn’t react to the “Show totals row” menu.

OK, I found it:
$view->requestConfig->totals = true;
does the trick.