Custom Report Error

On my Home Page: I clicked om Health Providers and then Cariology. On that page I clicked on the Cape Fear website, its url is:

<a href=“” onclick="javascript_paq.push([‘trackEvent’,‘URL’, ‘clicked’,

’the url’]);">Website

I tried to create new report and after naming it I I used report type Table and selected from Add dimension selected Events and Events URL. And entered the above url.

I clicked on Review Report and got No Data.

Tell me whet I went wrong.


I have a similar problem, can someone help me

Only the data received since the report created will be available in the custom report. If you check back in a few days there should be data available.

I went back a year but how do I get a csv report?

Please see our guide here:

Opened but couldn’t select file type or export

I have a similar problem, can someone help me.