Custom Logo Wont display

Brand new install this past week. I really like this software and the setup wasnt too bad. I’m using my SuperUser account to try and add a custom logo. I have gone through the webpage/gui on the page (running as localhost on my RHEL) with no luck.

Is there a setting inside the application itself I need to check?


To change the custom logo go to the general settings, there should be “Branding Settings”

If this doesn’t work can you check if the http request doesn’t return an error.

Thanks for the reply. I have actually done the ‘Branding Settings’ work steps for the Branding…

The ‘Use custom logo’ is checked and there is still no logo. I have checked the network traffic and do not see the effort to download/use the logo I uploaded. I also see no errors.


What happens if you use another browser?

If everything works there should be a POST request to http://piwik.example/index.php?module=CoreAdminHome&format=json&action=uploadCustomLogo and the image should load from http://localhost/piwik/misc/user/logo.png.

Maybe check if the piwik/misc/user/logo.png file exists and if the webserver has the permission to create this file.

Thanks a lot…
For some reason the folder for the logo did not exist. I went in and
created the folder and ran through the process again using the web
interface. That did it.