Custom Logo not displaying in reports

My custom reports that are emailed out, or displayed on screen, are missing the custom logo that I put in. I’ve uploaded jpg and png, neither are displaying.

Here is screenshot.

Any advice on why?



Hi? Can you please check the logo path from the report by doing inspect element? I do hope you know about inspect element otherwise hit Ctr+shift+i for chrome and Ctr+shift+C for Mozila.

Thank you. Yes, here is the logo path:


Incidentally, here is the path from the logo in my matamo webpage header:

I am assuming the are supposed to be the same file, and pulled from the Branding page. Here is what my branding page looks like:

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Hi @sbsmithjax,

It seems like this is an issue specifically with the Matomo setup at Matomo Cloud.

I forwarded this to the Matomo Cloud team and this will be fixed with soon.