Custom dimensions w/ URL param extractions - can I hide these params from reports?

Let’s say I have a custom dimension that’s extracted from the URL. (ex. the dimension is called ref and I have links like

However, I also don’t want that URL parameter showing up in my Pageviews reports. (ex. if someone clicks on /my-page/?ref=menu, I want it to show up in the reports only as /my-page/.)

I know that I can exclude certain URL parameters from showing up in Page URL reports, like described here. This sounds great. But I am wondering if this exclusion would affect the URL extraction for that ref custom dimension? Does anyone know the order of operations here?

Thank you in advance for any insight!

I ended up testing this on my own, and it seems like the “exclude URL parameters” feature does not affect the “Custom Dimension URL extraction” at all. You can totally use both. Awesome! Will leave this up in case it helps anyone else. :slight_smile: