Custom Dimensions setting panel is empty [FIXED WITH UPDATE]

I’m trying to use the Custom Dimensions plugin, but the setting panel of the plugin seems empty:

I’ve installed and activated the plugin following the documentation, using the marketplace, and get this page at “Creating Custom Dimensions”:
To get to the “Manage Custom Dimensions” screen click on the user icon in the top right. There will be a new menu item “Custom Dimensions” in the left menu. They can be edited by anyone having at least Administration access for a specific website.
I’m using Piwik 3.0.0 and installed the plugin 3.0.0

EDIT : it works with the 3.0.1 update

Just in case anyone else runs in to this, it was a browser cache issue. I noticed when I enabled the developer toolbar in chrome, which disables cache in my setup and it appeared.

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I ran into this issue today. i am using matomo version 3.11.0 and custom dimension plugin version 3.1.3

any help will be appreciated

To give more context:

  1. This issue only occurs in an on premise environment where there is no internet connection at all. (my local have the same versions installed and working fine)
  2. The plugin was installed by copying the CustomDimensions folder from my local’s plugin folder to the on premise server’s plugins folder
  3. The plugin was activated by using the dashboard