Custom Dimensions in Custom Reports?

I have some custom dimensions I would like to create custom reports for. However, custom dimensions do not show up in the options for dimensions; only custom variables do. Should I switch my dimensions over to be variables instead, or is there a way to do this that I’m just not seeing? (I was avoiding using custom variables due to the goal of deprecation eventually, but I do need these reports.)

For example, we have a custom event called “Filter,” and a visit-scope custom dimension called “Department.” We’d like to know which departments are using certain filters the most/least. So ideally, I’d like to use “event name” as one dimension, and “department” as another dimension, so I can see how many users from X department used Y filter.

Hi Mikky, welcome to the forum.

Custom Dimensions should appear in your dimensions drop-down. For example:


Is this what you meant?


Oh, yes that’s exactly what I want! For some reason they are not showing up in the list for me. Perhaps it’s because the custom report is available to all sites? (They all have the same custom variables, though.) Maybe I’ll try to make one for a specific site to see if that makes it show up.

Yeah, it turns out custom dimensions just aren’t an option if the report is for “all websites.” Dang! Thanks for your help in confirming that it should work, that I was just missing something.

The custom dimension will only be available for the website that you have configured it for.