Custom Dimensions duplicated across events


My team is currently using custom dimensions on Matomo and there is an issue where Matomo shows the custom dimension(s) of previous events in a current event.

For example, when a user performs an action we want to track (which does not have any custom dimensions), on Matomo when we view the event we see the event showing custom dimensions of previous events which is a bit weird.

So I want to ask the following questions:

  1. Are these custom dimensions duplicated across events? (including events that have no custom dimensions) Because if we want to generate reports we are concerned that the numbers we would see in Matomo won’t be a reflection of true user behaviour.

  2. Is there a way to turn off this behaviour?

Looking forward to your response. Thanks

So just answering my own question in case anyone comes across this problem in the future.

Turns out if you pass as empty string as the value for a custom dimension, Matomo ignores that value and removes it from the custom dimensions for that event. So this ensures that events that have no custom dimensions do not show any on the Matomo dashboard.


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