Custom Dimensions Data


at present we are encountering abnormal conduct with respect to the assessment of custom measurements. We have made two custom measurements in Matomo and send them accurately on our site inside the Matomo site visit demand. In the guest profile of my test client, the qualities accurately appear as extra view parameters. In any case, this information isn’t shown in the perspective on the customs measurement “Page Name” itself. For some odd reason, there is still information from different clients that appear to have been prepared effectively by the framework (see #4 in the picture beneath).

What could be the explanation that some of the accurately sent information isn’t showing up in the assessment despite the fact that they effectively appear in the guest profile? Right now, this conduct causes a delta of about 20% between all online visits as a rule and site hit with custom measurement esteems set, despite the fact that the parameters are sent with the site hit demand regardless.

The accompanying things have just been done, however, consistently lead to the way that the qualities can not be found:

Testing with various programs

Testing of various objective pages (blog entries, wiki articles, … )

In the custom measurement see (“Page Name”):

Search without and with search term

Manual quest for values by arranging and pagination

Much obliged for the assistance in advance,

SK Zai