Custom Dimension Tracking without impacting bounce rate

Hi there,

I am currently learning about custom dimensions and found following articles:

My goal is to use custom dimensions to get additional data into my tracking without firing any tags that would impact my bounce rate. Based on my understanding this can be achieved by making adjustments directly to the tracking code, instead of using seperate tags, is that correct?

If this is correct, I am using the official Matomo plugin for Wordpress. Is it possible to change the tracking code directly there and reference variables created in Google Tag Manager? Or would I have to disable the Tracking Code in the plugin, and then copy and paste it into a Google Tag Manager Tag in order to reference the Variables there? The variables hold data like Post Meta Data (Author, Category, Publish Date), or Campaign Meta Data from Matomo and Google Analytics Campaign Tracking Tools.

Ultimatly, I want this data in my reports to analyze for example which blog categories perform best, or which campaigns do best.

I want to achieve that without having to fire a tag which would fire every time someone loads a blog page etc. Otherwise I believe my bounce rate would automatically be 0% because every time the site loads, these tags would also be fired.

I’d appreciate any suggestions/advice from anyone who has faced a similar problem.

I have no knowledge on Google Tag Manager, but if you want to add custom dimension to the visited page, you have to define the custom dimension before calling the pageview event…
And in MTM, just define the custom dimension in the container configuration variable…

Hope this helps…