Custom Dimension Tracking not working

There are the code:

var _paq = _paq || [];
_paq.push(['setCustomDimension',1, '8day']); 
_paq.push(['trackGoal', 87]);

This code executed in “script” tag inside the page.

The problem is: I can’t found any related with this visit dimension value.

Plugin CustomDimension is in place, Main PIWIK tracking code loading AFTER this script executed, but the goal tracked well.

Have you followed Custom Dimensions - Analytics Platform - Piwik?
Have you created the Custom Dimensions in Piwik?

Yes, I’m created one visit dimension in PIWIK. I even can see it in Main menue, but I can’t see any tracking data related with dimension.

The data about dimensions became visible some time later. Perhaps It available after Archiving Process.