Custom design of email report about All Websites dashboard table

Greetings ,

   Use piwik 2.4.1 to email report,   I checked the "All Websites dashboard " option in " Manage Email Reports " page .  It generate a table with title   

                   "Website   	 Visits   	 Actions   	 Pageviews   	 Revenue     Conversions        Ecommerce Orders   	    Product Revenue " 

   However , I do not need "Revenue"  "Conversions"  "Ecommerce Orders"  "Product Revenue"  in my report , how can I  remove the columns ?
   If piwik support the webpage or API to operate it or we can just use the default all websites dashboard table ?

maybe you could add your suggestion in this issue / feature request All websites dashboard: let user customise columns and add new ones · Issue #2390 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub