Custom Date Range


Hi Everyone,

We have a fairly large Piwik set-up that is tracking about 80 sites or so. and we average around 2 million pageviews a month between them all.

Everything is working pretty well and fast as we’ve followed the support guides for optimizing Piwik for speed and such but we are still having issues with our Custom Date Range.

I can select a day, a month and a year and it loads blazing fast, but if I select the custom date range for a year, it totally bogs out. It spins and spins and eventually will come back with “Oops, we’ve encountered a problem”. Even selecting for a custom date range for a month or two is taking various times to load (if it loads)

Is there any suggestions on what we could do to fix this issue? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Hi Aaron,

My main suggestion to give us a chance to fix this issue, would be to consider sponsoring our work on this. It is very complex problem to make date ranges faster, and we want to tackle it… But we need resources :slight_smile: We’ve done a lot of work on performance last few months, and we need to continue… maybe you could sponsor us? see for example this ticket: Custom date range reports are slow: how to make them archive faster? · Issue #4768 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub


Not a real solution but a way to limit the speed problem by removing the Date Range selection : (see screenshots)

I’m thinking about installing it (got 1M pageviews a month here on 4 sites) so my Piwik doesn’t get bad press internally.


(Tassoman) #4

Hi Dali,
any feedback on plugin is welcome. It was born just to solve this issue until Piwik’s ticket #4768 will be closed. (:smiley:


Pierluigi, I provided the French translation yesterday so yeah, I know RerUserDates.


And thanks again for your plugin !


(Tassoman) #6

Nice to meet you, again! Teammate! :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s a neat plugin but unfortunately, we need to be able to run custom date ranges. :frowning:

(Tassoman) #8

@abryenton since Piwik 2.4.0 you’ll be able to chose selectively both options by plugin’s settings UI. Unfortunately this feature isn’t yet available in Piwik 2.3.0 so I’ve decided for two default settings:

[li] removing ranges from user profiles
[/li][li] keeping dates selectable in the calendar

Doing this defaults you’ll still have the ranged feature in the calendar but you disable the default profile so each day a user logs in, he can’t ask automatically for last 7/30 days reports


So we did some tweaks to get the custom date range working and now it seems to be working better, but we are still getting some errors. When I try to search within a Actions -> Pages on a custom date range I am getting back this error in the Chrome console:

Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET

Any suggestions?


(Tassoman) #10

Did you tried reading server’s error logs? Maybe some ajax php script is going in maxtime timeout or memory overload?


We just checked the server error logs and there are none.


Is it possible its an ISP issue?