Custom date range - SLOW

Hey there,
yesterday I gain the thoughts, that Piwik is fast in analysing pre-processed data, but really slow in analysing the raw data.

An Plattform I’am the technician for, had it’s fourth birthday and we would like to get some Infos. So we analyzed the four years in an custom data range Analyse.
Before you hate me: The Plattform isn’t that big. I visited WEBSITE > Users to get the overview graph, then I selected the custom date range (4 years).
It took up to 1 or 2 Minutes (!!!) to get the Infos. 83.000 Visits with 168.000 Actions.
Then I opened up WEBSITE > Actions to get (in my case) the TOP 10 read pages, that really took a lot more time (twice or more).
The really bad on the Actions-view is, that each page of the table I load, it seems to re-process all the data!?
An view that couldn’t be processed over that time-range was the “searchengines and …”-view, an error-message occured.

Why are such Kind of analyses so hard for piwik?


First make sure you execute at least once to pre-process all the data: How do I reprocess all websites, all dates and all periods, after initial import of logs? - Analytics Platform - Matomo

if you stlil hvae poor experience after dong this when requesting date ranges, this is possible. please comment in this issue: Custom date range reports are slow: how to make them archive faster? · Issue #4768 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub
Custom date range reports are slow: how to make them archive faster? #4768