Custom Date Range and Piwik_DataTable_Array

Hi Guys,

Lately I was wondering how Piwik can show custom date ranges, eg. 2009-12-01 - 2009-12-4.
I run some tests:

This request throw me an error: “Call to undefined method Piwik_DataTable_Array::getRows()”. I made some debugging, and I noticed that in case of “date=2009-07-08,2009-07-05” piwik create object of class Piwik_DataTable_Array, not Piwik_DataTable. I’m wondering if there is any method which could change Piwik_DataTable_Array to simple Piwik_DataTable? Or should I implement it by myself? I think that piwik use something like that in Archiving Classes, during the periods archiving?

Correct me if I am wrong, but if You just check what type of class is dataTable in The HtmlTable Class (and change it to simple dataTable in case of Piwik_DataTable_Array), then it should be possible to show custom ranges? Right?

I realize, that custom date ranges can affect performance, but if ranges would be no longer than one month, then piwik should handle this