Custom chart library

Piwik’s charts have improved and I rather like them especially now that they use jqplot. Unfortunately, I have a very stubborn client who is determined to use an expensive (albeit very visually attractive) 3rd party charting library for javascript.

I can make most of the charts that he desires from summaries using the API, except there is one that I need that I can’t figure out and that is the Visits graph (going back months etc… and hovering to see visits for a specific day).

I know that this is off the beaten track, and that it might not be so simple as just calling the API and getting a bunch of data points in a javascript, but I really need to know the simplest way to get these data points. If it’s writing some ridiculous plugin to reinvent the wheel I’m going to have to do it whether I like it or not. I’m hoping there is some kind of API call I can use.

The specific format isn’t that important; I can figure it out if I can get any meaningful output from the API at all.

I’m looking for something like:
“label”: "May 21"
“visits”: “100”
“label”: "May 22"
“visits”: “85”

“label”: "November 21"
“visits”: “105”

Is this at all feasable? I wish I could just use jqplot but apparently it’s just not what he wants and he must have his way. I will be extremely grateful if someone can point me in the right direction.