Custom Alert Plugin setup

Hi, yesterday there was a spam attack on my website. A large number of actions.
Today i installed the alert plugin. May question what is the recommended setup so that i can get an alert if more than 20 actions per visit?
What is the recommended Alert Condition?
It seems there is no general setup which would alert in such a situation?

Hi @mbmg
As the plugin seems to be able to alert minimum on daily basis, I am not sure this is the plugin you need…
Maybe @innocraft, the plugin developer can add some comments on this?

Hi @mbmg ,

With Custom Alerts it is not going to be monitoring every visit, it can be applied to the processed reports, so it may not be useful in this case. However Tracking spam prevention plugin can be helpful in this case

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Thank you for the suggestion. I installed the Tracking Spam Prevention plugin. However it seems that still does not solve my problem. I get alert if for example there are more than 10 actions per website per second so i can block it. As far as i see Tracking Spam Prevention is designed to prevent the matomo server.

Hi @mbmg
I think in such case you have to:

  • Either monitor directly the website itself…
  • Or develop your own Matomo plugin…