Custom Actions - plugin or javascript API?

(Patrick Dyson) #1

I have some high volume actions that I would like to track and report on - like number of comments, times emailed, times re-blogged per blog entry. There will be about 1000 blog entries a day and 1000s of actions on those per day.

The mechanism that comes to mind is the piwik_log_action table, setting type = custom_type_id, the name to the blog id, then letting the piwik_log_link_visit_action record the actions.

So I would extend the types past a new base (custom_action_base = 100) and make my types (100 = comment, 101 = emailed, 102 = re-blogged, etc). The piwik_log_link_visit_action.idaction_name would then refer to the new type entry.

That would require passing the type in from the js tracker (like page title can be now) and extending hooking the new action to return an object that can handle the new types. Alternatives that I came up with are to create a second tracking table and record the actions in there, or to use goals (created on the fly) but that would be a lot of goals.

So - should I extend actions, create my own table, use goals, or option IV ___________________


(Patrick Dyson) #2

Or is the dev forum a better place for this question?

(Matthieu Aubry) #3

yes the piwik-hackers mailing list (see