Currently selected time period is always 0% complete

Some increase/decrease percentage is reported, but progress is always 0% and 0 visits in the previous partial period.

The problem persists between all time ranges and dates.
This feature never worked since I installed matomo but I want to start seeing real numbers here instead of zeros.

Hi @wrongdata
Sorry, I didn’t find the report where you took this screenshot. Also, what is your Matomo version?

The screenshot comes from “All Websites dashboard” at


The problem occurs in all period/date combinations.

I had this problem ever since installation (v 4x). It was later updated to 5.0.1

Matomo version: 5.0.1
MySQL version: 10.6.15-MariaDB-log
PHP version: 8.2.11

I feel like this should be working out of the box, as it is a part of default installation. I’m not doing anything fancy here, just navigating to “All Websites” page where this tooltip should come up with this text:

“The currently selected time period is %1$s complete.”

Apparently, %1$s is never filled with real data.

Hope this helps to identify the problem.

Hi @wrongdata
Can you check if you have errors in:

  • Matomo error log file
  • Archiving CRON log file if any


INFO [06:20:01] 2641330 - Archiving was last executed without error 6 min 24s ago.
INFO [06:21:06] 2641330 done: 116 req, 65105 ms, no error

No errors in /tmp/logs/matomo.log either.

I can do more checks if you point me to some direction. Matomo runs on my dedicated server.