Current month data not showing? 0 visites, but on week view > 0

We have a problem with Piwik, when i select a website the day views are showing visits this month. When i select Month view, i see all the traffic from the last month, but the current month shows 0 visits.

Please take a look at those two screenshots to make it clear:

Yes visits in April:

Month view doesn’t show visits:

Also upgraded to PHP 5.5 but still this problem. Archiving set with a cron job every 12 hours…

Hope there is a good solution.

API Shows the same wrong data. Any clues? It’s in the piwik database, but where does it go wrong? Just me or more users have the same problem?

Are you using latest Piwik version?

if not please upgrade.

Have you setup cron archiving? How to Set up Auto-Archiving of Your Reports - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Hi Matthieu, yes i’m using the latest version of Piwik. Also have already cron archiving running…
Any other ideas? Even updated the PHP just to be sure, nothing is working.

Ok it’s May now, and just checked the output, no visits for every website in April. But when i check day view in April, there are visits. Something seriously is wrong…

Can you try this: How do I reprocess all websites, all dates and all periods, after initial import of logs? - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Make sure the script runs without error,

and then your data should display in the reports?

Ok i have it working now, i still think it’s a bug, since it was updating the last month at the beginning of the month.

What i did:

  • Updated to PHP 5.6 (did not fix it)
  • Updated the Zend Engine to the latest version (did fix it)