Curl error in proxy

I am using Piwik proxy and tracking visitors in a wordpress website. It is working just fine, but and error log is being created with many lines like this:
[18-Jun-2017 15:09:30 UTC] PHP Warning: curl_setopt(): You must pass either an object or an array with the CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER argument in /home/XXXXXX/public_html/piwik.php on line 160


Where does this warning happen? In the Piwik Wordpress plugin or in Piwik itself?

I couldn’t find a piwik.php-file that has a line 160 that sets curl options.

Its Piwik proxy. I got here:

Thanks, I didn’t think of this file.

I’d recommend you to open an issue in the piwik proxy repository.

I resolved the issue. In case anyone else had the same issue, we enabled the url-fopen in the cpanel (or php.ini) :slight_smile: