cURL-based Cron Auto Archive: Success notification

Hi all

I’m running Matomo 4.10.1 self-hosted and we use a cURL command to trigger the cron auto-archive function.

In previous versions of Matomo, when the job finished it would output “Success:ok” or “Error:” when an error occurred.

In the current version, this doesn’t always happen and no reasons are given as to why the script terminates: nothing in the server console or HTTP logs.

Is there an attribute or additional parameters which can be passed to the call to ensure that we get some sort of “finished” message - and that this message will always be the same?


Isn’t it a silent crash?
What do you see in the System Check? (label Last Successful Archiving Completion)

It appears to be a silent crash; there’s nothing in the System Check, but I’ll make a note to check that when it next happens.

I see you already created an issue in GitHub

Yes, I thought that might be useful as this might be a bug.