Css and js not loading after upgrade to 1.5


Hi everyone,

I’ve updated my Piwik installation from 1.4 to 1.5 an now nothings working anymore. :frowning:

When I login into Piwik the site loads quite long und then the site isn’t displayed correctly.

Seems like the page isn’t loading js und css.

When i look into the sourcecode the following line can’t be loaded

When I’m opening the URL manually I get the message “Action index not found in the controller Piwik_Proxy_Controller.” or “The file : can not be opened in write mode.”

The problem is, i don’t know which file he wants to write to…

Plese help!


(Matthieu Aubry) #2

It probably wants to write in piwik/tmp/assets/

but it should have the full path in the error message, not sure why it shows nothing…


Hi matt,

thx. but the rights in this dir are ok.

I went back to 1.4 after 2 days of trying, hopefully this won’t appear in a newer version.

thx for your help