Crypted output by geoipUpdateRows.php

Hey there,
today I set up two of three GeoIP-Providers (first Apache, than I noticed geoipUpdateRows.php don’t work with it so I switched to PECL).

First: THANKS for Piwik 1.9, its an huge and good Update :slight_smile:

Now I did the following command:

php /var/www/de/xyz/piwik/misc/others/geoipUpdateRows.php

The prozess is running for some minutes, then the output comes:

‹ŒÐ½j1EáÞO¡i—ýëiL°— VÆkì×7éL°˜Sݏ[ߤjv×ñØÝm¸ËuœÖ}w}s—þè?Çßñ}¼÷½ßÜ×v~ùNc»¯×½mY–ƒ|ºóØÖT‹Þb°-¦·Ì‹Åj±YTV`€#pÎà
ÜlaV`€#pÎÀ¸NÜlGV`€#pÎÀ¸·÷N¬À8Gàœpn¶³L¬À8Gàœpn¶‹ëÄ8Gàœpn¶«+°Ÿ8Gàœpn¶›+°aGàœpn¶U^"þíÇá	ÿÿæyVlÕ

Don’t know why the Output is crypted? Is it a Script-Failure or is it an Webmin-Bug (currently I just have Webmin-Access)

I have also piped the output in an Text-File, the same Problem.

Delete this Topic.

That has to be a problem with Webmin, over Shell there is an Progress showing. No Error-Message appears.