Cross Domain Tracking


I have read other posts about the specific type of cross domain tracking I would like to do. The common response was that Piwik does not support what I need. I am just hoping that releases subsequent to those posts addressed the issue or that there may now be a work around.

Here’s what I would love to do…

I have, and Each of these sites deliver traffic to my other website, There is a landing page after a purchase on Only one purchase page and landing page on serves the other three websites.

For purposes of understanding which websites are better producers, I need to trigger a goal only on the Piwik website from which the visitor came.

Thanks so much

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What’s the question?


When you trigger a goal of successful purchase, you can see the referers in goal stats. This will show you from which websites the visitors came.


Do I set up 3 different goal triggers on the thank you page? Will Piwik then only report a goal on the Piwik web site that had previoulsy tracked the customer?

BTW - Great software! I love the fact that I don’t have to share my info with Google.


You need just one goal. A goal for a successful purchase. You can trigger it on a “Thank You for purchasing”-page or use the commerce tracking functionality of piwik. In goal stats in your specific goal, you can see where the user was came from. When you just want to check how much visits your sites produce, then simply check the referes / websites page in piwik.


Thank you for your help.

One last question… Do I trigger the goal with JS? If so, what siteID do I use in the JS?


You can trigger it with JS, then you can send your revenue to piwik. But you can also setup a goal directly in piwik and will be triggered when a user visit a specific url of your site. (something like checkout_success.html)

You can find your site ids in settings / websites.


OK… I think I know what to do. Thanks so much for your help.