Cross domain linking with user flow


I have multiple website in my Matomo instance 3.9.1, each of them have their own tracking code, but i am trying to link them together to monitor the user experience from beginning to end using the user flow feature.

To make it simpler, i started configuring 2 websites, i added the URL’s for each of the site’s to be linked in the manage section, i also created the tracking code with the “Enable cross domain linking” checkbox checked, both site have the tracking code but it does not seem to be working.

According to the documentation (How do I accurately measure the same visitor across multiple domain names (cross domain linking)? FAQ - Analytics Platform - Matomo), i should see an extra parameter in the URL, this is not present, if i check the user flow on both website it’s still not showing me the flow from 1 site to the other one.

Is the user flow feature working across multiple site?
Is there any extra parameter that needs to be changed that is not documented in the FAQ?

Thank you!


I managed to get the user flow to work by doing something else instead

I followed the following document

I added a secondary tracker to my tracking code for each website and added a new managed website, the newly added website is now a kind of “roll-up” for each website.

That seems to have done the trick, i can now see the flow from 1 website to another.