Cross domain linking (when using different Matomo-websites)


In Matomo admin, we have 2 different Matomo-websites (with 2 different domains). We wanted to use cross domain linking to be able to track users using the same visitor ID, so we could follow their journey in our system.

We set it up like so:, we get the pk_vid when linking between the 2 sites. But the problem is that, in Matomo admin, we do not get the same visitor ID for the same user.

After reading the documentation carefully, we suspect that maybe it needs to be a single matomo website and not 2 different ones (we don’t really want to use the same matomo website as it is 2 different services).

Is that correct? If not, what can be the problem?


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Hi again – does anyone know if it needs to me a single Matomo-site for cross domain linking to work?

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Hi @Hoji
How can you follow the user journey on 2 tracked websites, if Matomo instance are not the same? They won’t be able to share data… :thinking:

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