Cronjob needed time blew up

Hi there,
on 24th of August my DataCenter was hit by a heavy DDoS. They figured out how to handle the Situation.

Since that time, the PIWIK CronJob does take significant longer with a multiplyed server load??

Anything I can do to go back to normal? I bought a new Server already and moved the other Services so they get back to normal fastly. But I want to move PIWIK to that new Server also. All theese Systems ran on that machine for months / years stable…

Thanks for any Kind of Input.


Maybe check the output of the cronjob. It should log which part takes how long.

Thanks for your Reply.

Must have been the Server. May because SMART Parameters of one Disk in RAID 0 was not pretty well.

INFO [2017-09-02 06:07:06] Total API requests: 56
INFO [2017-09-02 06:07:06] done: 13/79 16%, 129 vtoday, 13 wtoday, 13 wperiods, 56 req, 7623450 ms, no error

on the new System (I had to move the app) it works like a charm

INFO [2017-09-03 20:58:45] Total API requests: 1
INFO [2017-09-03 20:58:45] done: 1/79 1%, 714 vtoday, 1 wtoday, 0 wperiods, 1 req, 6954 ms, no error

since the PIWIK install moved to the new Server (also upgraded PHP 5.6 to 7.0; MySQL 5.5 to 5.7) the performance is back to normal, even better

I have no much logging Detail since PIWIK now is inside a Docker Environment and I have to figure out how to log the crontab-output xD