Cron timing values

I have set up the cron job as recommended (5 * * * *) and configured the max. interval value (which btw is hard to understand in English and completely incomprehensible in German) to 3600 seconds (1 hour).

What effect will changes to these values have? What happens if I decrease the cron interval but leave the other? And vice versa? What would I change to have faster reports, like every 10 minutes?

And is there a log file of the processing time that job takes so I can decide what is the minimum interval for my config?

you must decrease value to 10*60=600 seconds, then put your cron to run every 10 minutes

Yes, that’s what the description suggests. But what happens if I put different values in there? And then comes the question: Why do I have to tell Piwik when it will be called by cron? I mean, it will know, doesn’t it?