Cron archive error on latest version

Everything has been working perfectly. After update to latest version I get these Cron errors every few hours. Anyone else having this issue as well?

In CronArchive.php line 631:

1 total errors during this script execution, please investigate and try and
fix these errors.

core:archive [–url URL] [–skip-idsites [SKIP-IDSITES]] [–skip-all-segments] [–force-idsites [FORCE-IDSITES]] [–skip-segments-today] [–force-periods [FORCE-PERIODS]] [–force-date-last-n [FORCE-DATE-LAST-N]] [–force-date-range [FORCE-DATE-RANGE]] [–force-idsegments FORCE-IDSEGMENTS] [–concurrent-requests-per-website [CONCURRENT-REQUESTS-PER-WEBSITE]] [–concurrent-archivers [CONCURRENT-ARCHIVERS]] [–max-websites-to-process MAX-WEBSITES-TO-PROCESS] [–max-archives-to-process MAX-ARCHIVES-TO-PROCESS] [–disable-scheduled-tasks] [–accept-invalid-ssl-certificate] [–php-cli-options [PHP-CLI-OPTIONS]] [–force-all-websites] [–force-report [FORCE-REPORT]]

I am getting the same error message since latest update, so I hope someone can chime in with a solution.

Update: error disappeared by itself after a day or so. May be unrelated, but I also was dealing with disk space issues at the same time. Once I cleared up some junk I never saw the above error again.

Thanks for the update. I have 7.3 GB of space left, so in my case I don’t think it’s related.

Hi @burninc0de, @Pedro
If you encounter such an error, I think you can create a ticket in the Matomo GitHub repo:

Then add a link in this thread to your issue for other users in the same case than yours…